Got my hair coloured!!!

The other day I was in nagpur and a crazy idea ran through my head. Why not get my hair coloured? So I went to a parlor, chose a colour and got my hair streaked!

Frankly saying, it didnt turn out as well as I thought it would. But it looks good. But now I am facing one big problem. I will have my clinics in Surgery from 1st of June, and with that coloured hair, I am going to slaughted by the professors. Lets see how that goes…

Got a new cell!!!

For the last 2 years I have been using the old Nokia 6800. Let me tell you folks, great phone. I had no problems with it. And the QWERT keyboard… and added bonus. But it had gotten old. The screen had got a problem, the body was battered. So on this birthday…… I got the new Nokia 6630!!!

Real cool phone. Really fast with 220 Mhz. Simbian 60 v2 OS… cool. MP3 Player… rocking. Camera is a 1.3 mp. Now I get my email right here on my cell. Over all a superb phone. I love it.

Zombie is dead…

Zombie, my pet dog, passed away a few days ago. He was 10 years old, and not really healthy. He had lost his vision a few years ago, and was ill for a month now. While on his regular evening walk, he just sat down and passed away. He was a the cutest member of our family.

10 years ago when he came to us, we could hold him in the palm of our hands. It was really cure to see the little one find his way around the new place. And in the last 10 years, he has shown was more than just love. He will be truely missed.

Pulse 05

A few months ago, a few friends and I went to an annual medico meet. This is organised every year by the students union of AIIMS, Delhi. Medical undergraduates from all over the country come to attend this mega event.

About 15 of us were allowed to go from my college. It was a 7 day fun ride. To start with, we were greeted with rain, and that was a day down. We also had a lot of basic stuff to do, like getting a place to stay, arranging for other stuff that we might need. But after that, it was a frenzy!

There were many events, competitions, performances. But the best must definitely be the pop night. Euphoria simply rocked the AIIMS campus. Two hours straight! It was simply amazing. This being my first time in a live concert made it even more special. Seeing a celebrity a few meters away from you and doing what he does the best singing! It was mind blowing!!!

We also had late night dance. They call it MRC (Music Request Counter). It would start at around 11 in the night and would only end in the morning. Every night we would dance to exhaustion. It was freakin’ fun.

Besides, there would be regular airing of movies in one of the lecture theatres, academic competitions, quizzes and a whole lot of fun. We also went around the city. Hiking around, from one place to other. We saw the lotus temple, went to the Palika Bazaar, Nehru Place.

The train journey to and from Delhi along with friends was also great. We got to know each other better. New friends were made. Old friendships grew stronger. Over all, we took time out of our monotonous lives and had the fun we may never have in Sevagram.

The II Year

A few months ago, a few friends and I had gone to a medico get-together at AIIMS, Delhi. This was supposed to be the most happening function we have. But most of us had their hearts stuck on their throats. Reason? Quite simple… Results. We had our I Year results dew in a few days. Some of us worried about their marks and rank. The rest about passing. One fine day, the results were out… and all of us passed. We were now in the next level… The II Year.

The classes started soon, and we were to go back to the monotonous schedule of lectures. But there was one change, Clinics. We in second year have 2 hours of Clinics, thats our first experience with live, real, diseased people. It is not much that we do here, but there is a lot to see and learn.

My batch was posted in Gynae Dept last. It was quite an experience. We got to see normal deliveries (You dont want to see one of those). We saw a few operations. Learnt to take history (History is an account of the patient, related to his/her illness under various heads). We saw how the OPDs were run. It was some fun.

By now these things have become a part of my routine. From morning 8 to evening 5, we are quite busy with the classes. But then the time seems to stop. We have very little stuff to do. The place we live in is a small town with almost no recreation, no good places and no good food joints. So we pass time by chatting, playing, chatting, sleeping, chatting…and yes, sometimes.. studying. We have a lot of free time in the II year than in Ist. It is a lot less stressful and much more fun!

The Accident

Nasty day yesterday. I was on my way to the hostel to get my stuff. I was getting a little late for college. A tractor poped up in front of me. I breaked, and skidded. I had one bad fall. Head down I skidded on the rough road. My left hand was wrecked. And I mustnt talk about my bike. The headlight broke, gears broke, leg guard bent, mud guard wrecked and scratches everywhere. My friends were on there way to the college and were there to help me. I was taken to the emergancy and had my dressing done and X-ray taken. I was lucky not to have had any bony injury.

I seem to be healing well today, allthough the TT injection still hurts. The worst part was every single person I see asks me, ‘What happend?’. And all I can say is, I fell. Then there are more questions that I hate to answer. How did it happen?, Where did you fall?, Is there a fracture? and then they would end up making fun of me.

Over all, it was quite an experience. Not a happy one, but something to remember.


Hi, I am Ashwini Kalantri. I stay in a small town of Sevagram. I am currently attending a Medical School. I am in my second year. I have lived almost my entire life here in Sevagram. I was born here. Went to the school here. College here. And now I have joined my graduation here. I have already lived for about 20 years here and will have to stay for atleast another few years.

I love my computer. I really spend all my free time here. Its simply wonderful how a small device can open a whole new world for you. I dont enjoy reading much, but I adore the Harry Potter books. Great story, great plot and it has kept me waiting for the next book. Apart from that I live listening to music. Usually good lyrics turn me on. Movies, I am a huge fan. I simply love movies… all of them.

My father is a doctor at the same institute I study. My mother in a database administrator. My sister is studing in class 11.