Were we not always told by our science teacher, to always ask why? To always questions. Why does water bubble when you heat it? Why does the earth revolve around the sun. Why does the apple fall to the ground? Why is the sum of the two angles of a triangle equal to the external angle of the third angle? Our math teacher had a hard time explaining that corollary!

We were honed to ask the question. No matter how obvious the answer was. What we were not told is when to stop. When you question why did the apple fall, you get gravity. There is a reason why we asked that question. There is a sane answer to it. But when you start applying this scientific inquisitiveness to life, things start to twist.

Why is this happening to me, you may ask? Isn’t it obvious? There is something that you did or did not do. But this is certain, that whining about it is not going to fix anything. As it would in science, questioning something won’t solve your woes in life. Science is easy, you ask why the apple fell and figure out that something is pulling it towards the ground and you get called genius! Not life. Questions usually don’t lead to any answers. In fact, I believe, they lead you away from them. All you need to do, is get your ass up and deal with things.

Most of the times the answer to these questions is – how does it matter? What good does questioning do? You just find out how miserable you have made yourself. And what good has that done to anyone?

Let me ask a question that might actually do some good. Why not just ignore the insignificant shortcomings in life? Why not just be happy with all the awesome things we have? Why do we run behind things that we don’t have and in the process ignore enjoying things that we already have.

Cherish life. Leave the questioning to Einstein!