Under the Knife

I, for a long time now, have a perforated ear drum in one of my ears. I usually ignored the problems I had due to it. A little hearing loss was okay for me. But the other day I went to the doctor, and he performed a test on me. He patched up my perforation with betadine soaked cotton patch. And voila! Everything we extremely loud! I have quite some hearing loss and now that I had seen what I was missing, I wanted to be… normal!

Soon enough, I was scheduled for surgery! I also happened to have a deviated nasal septum, which complicates the repair of the ear drum. So now I had two surgeries lined up. One for the nose and the other for the ear. The nose was to come under the knife first. They were going to cut and lift my nose up, break a few bones (literally), straighten up my septum. The doctor said that the entire procedure would take 2 – 2 1/2 hrs max! Its no big deal.
Day 1: About an hour after the surgery

The D-day arrived, 9th July 2010. We went to the OT early in the morning. I changed into the OT dress. I had done this so many times in the past. But this time it is different. I am on the other side of the table, rather on the table! I went in to find the anesthetist waiting. I lay down on the table and had an IV catheter fixed on my arm. The surgeon came and reassured me once again. I was given a sedative, and soon enough, I was fast asleep.

People would tell you that anesthesia is a great feeling! That you have the most amazing dreams, that you feel out of the world. Atleast in my case, they were wrong. All I remember was falling asleep and then waking up really cold. In the middle, 8 hours had passed!! And I dont recall a thing. No flying on a magical carpet through a rainbow of colours, no free falling, nothing!
At 4 in the evening, everything was finally over. I was bought out in the post-op room. Thats were I got up. And boy was I cold! I was shivering! For the next hour I was still a bit dizzy. I was shifted to the ICU, and then to a private room. It was now that I realised that my face was covered in tape! And it was supposed to stay for the entire 5 days.
Day 5: The plaster is off
I always thought that I would go back home by the evening or the next morning. But the surgeon had other plans! I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days, and then keep coming for my IV drugs!
After the plaster was removed, I started to feel much better. All those tapes all over my face were quite irritating. After a week, I was almost back to normal. My nose was now very fat from the odema, which would take another week for two to reduce, and quite tender.
Now its been 6 weeks. My nose looks and feels much better. And its time for the next surgery. Technically, I can have this ear surgery now. My wounds from my last surgery might have healed, but the wounds from the psychological trauma of surgery and hospital stay is still raw. I think I will wait for a few months before I go under the knife again.



2 thoughts on “Under the Knife”

  1. it was not just your endurance but our patience was tested too that day (literally).8 hours was pretty big time with all sorts of questions n anticipations !almost a day under-knife n u got the nose-job done!!(hats off to ur doc!)
    A highly rated performance yet unwatched!!

  2. Went through dejavu. You know half of your post reads exactly like my experience. Except that it was removing a kidney and a gallbladder. 8 hours- complete blackout of what happened- and coming out freezing. The trauma was psychological too.. but different.. of losing a loved one.

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