The number of candles on my cake have increased yet again! And there is no stopping them. This year there were 24 of them. 24!! Can you believe it? All of a sudden I am supposed to do the things that real grownups do. I am supposed to be responsible. I can no longer say, who cares! It’s just too immature. But the fun I had on that day was unprecedented!

I had reached home at 11 in the night from my rural centre. It was more than 5 hours in the Lal Dabba. After dinner, I was forced to take a bath. Who takes a bath at 11.30 in the night? I could smell something cooking. What could it be? At 12, Surprise!!! Everyone was there, my neighbours, my friends… And on the walls were posters, handmade by my fiancée, making a couple of really good points. On my bed was a blanket with the Australian flag on it, again from her, again making a good point.  It felt great to have everyone around you, celebrating your special day with you, letting you know that you really are special.

The next day, I got up to the most amazing gift I had received from my parents, a laptop!!! Oh yeah! I now own my very own personal laptop! My birthday had never been this special, and it had just started. I rate this day very high, that being said considering that I have just had the awesome day in my life just a few months ago.



One thought on “24”

  1. heyyy…

    Another story from our book of life..!
    i like ur subtle way of describing things..
    well u dont know what coming years have got packed for you…plethora of love n abundant of surprised!!
    long way to go dear!

    Keep writing


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