Salt and Pepper

Its been more than 5 years. I had proposed that we be more than just friends and she accepted. What that na├»ve proposal started back then, is now growing into, what people call, an engagement. By the end of this month, I will be formally engaged to the girl I have been in love with for quite some time.

I really excited and at the same time quite palpably apprehensive. But I know I will sail through. And it is going to be quite a journey!



7 thoughts on “Salt and Pepper”

  1. am really happy for both of u buddy………..what u have is really special and the way u have been together for these 5 years is absolutely amazing….cheers!!!

  2. Congratulations! But why call this post 'salt and pepper' instead of 'sugar and spice and all that's nice'????

  3. Well, I had put a lot of thinking into what the title should be… all sorts of weird stuff crossed my mind.

    Salt and Pepper are two really different condiments, that are meant to stay together. I thought it tied quite well with us.

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