Got Published!!

Accuracy and Reliability of Pallor for Detecting Anaemia: A Hospital-Based Diagnostic Accuracy Study

In the summer of 2007, I had spent a lot of my time peeping into the patients eyes, looking at their tongues, gazing at their palms and inspecting their nails! 400 of them! Back then, it was just a summer project for the ICMR. All that I did was fantically collect as much data as I could as fast as possible. Later we put together a project report for the ICMR.

And then, 2 years later… Voilá!! I got a paper out of it! About 6 months ago we started working on this report. Trying to sculpt it into a paper. We shortened the 30 page report into a less then half, reanalyzed the data, made a few tables and graphs and then finally it was ready for submission. After about a month of submission, I get an email from the editor… “I am pleased to inform you that your manuscript has been deemed suitable for publication in PLoS ONE.”

And day one of this year, its published! I am really excited to have my first article published in PLoS ONE!! This is huge for me! Great start to this great year!




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  1. Congratulations! I can feel your joy and almost palpable excitement. The beauty of your study lies in its simplicity. May 2010 see more research papers from your fertile brain and – computer!

  2. Congratulations Ashwini! Every now and then I read your blogs. They are very well written. I really enjoyed the one with the flowchart on use of iPhone.

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