Jack vs Auro – Part II

Just got back from the theater, and I must admit that I jumped to a conclusion too fast. The much hyped movie staring the Big-B as a 13 year old boy, deserves the hype!

Both Jack and Auro have a congenital genetic condition which accelerated their physical growth many fold. And thats where the similarity ends. The angry young man, once again shows off his class. It is acting at its best. The story was captivating and the comedy – world class! I laughed my head off, all through the movie!

Google se bachke kaha jaaoge?

Jack vs Auro

Just saw another amazing movie from Robin Williams. Jack. Its a story of a boy who has a genetic disorder that makes him age faster then normal. Sounds familiar? Why shouldn’t it? The Bachchans have, yet again, failed to come up with a decent script for their next movie. What do they do? Steal it!

The much hyped movie, where the junior Bachchan plays Big-B’s father, Paa, seems to have the same story line as the decade old Jack. Ripping hollywood movies is no news in Indian cinema. But when the likes of Big-B resort to it, its a slap on the face.
And as far as I can see, Jack kicks Auro’s ass any day!