Community time!

3 more months and I have (sorta) completed my PSM posting. PSM, the Preventive and Social Medicine… what it did for me was it prevented me from socialising at all! For starters, we were locked away in ‘jails’ about 25 kms from sevagram. A dirty room with a motheaten bed, crappy food, no source of entertainment what so ever and to make things worse, notthing to do.

We would sit in ‘Kiran Clinics’ from sharp 8 to 1 and see 3 patients. One of them with nonspecific body pain and has come to get his free aspirin refill that he has been taking since the last 20 years. If I distill the aspirin out of his blood, I might have enough to have a major pharma company running for their money! The second, an old lady, had an unique presentation of fever, that starts on her legs, then crawls through her spine to her chest and finally goes in her up to her head. A presentation, epidemiologically speaking, confined only to the rural indian masses. And the last guy was there just for the bi-weekly dose of injectable vitamins.

After we have run this quackery, we would go eat our crappy food, make some of our own if its too crappy to eat, take a nap, and then go and ‘study’!! Thats right..STUDY! Who in the right mind expects interns to read? Add to that, literature about how elderly in some remote village have health problems! Next comes the the best part, come evening and we are free. So we sit outside of our room and… well thats it, thats all that we did. We sat! Fun, ain’t it?

The better part of PSM was the GOPD postings. Again a strict 8 to 1 schedule. But now we were more like real doctors on a real hospital and were able to prescribe real medicine for some real problems. And there was less worry as if our young brains failed, we could always refer them to a specialist… and we always did ;). The best part was that we were free in the evenings and were at home!!

Over all, a complete waste of time. All that we did was stick to a strict time schedule and allthat we learned was doses of the likes of PCMs and CPMs! Way to go PSM!