Medicinal Blues… and the other colours!

It’s been 3+ months since I have joined my internship. And I have finished my medicine posting. I started off with my ward postings. My job discription – Drawing blood, filling out forms, making entries, and grossly doing anything nobody else wants to do! But the Verdict – Fun! (most of the times)

When I started, I was scared. I will actually be involved in actual patient care. What I do will matter. And if I don’t exist, the system feels a hollow! That is a great responsibility on my shoulders. Then you start pricking patients and drawing blood right, left and center. And that very disposable needle eventually breaks the bubble!

But the life in the bubble was wonderful. That first time your needle enters the vein and the blood gushes into your syringe gives you an unimaginable sense of accomplishment. Then there are pleural and peritoneal taps. You push a needle in the cavity, and draw the dirty water out! How cool is that!! Every now and again, the bubble starts to form… to burst again. But the little time you get in it is great!

I spent a lot of time in the ICCU. And most of it was spent taking Blood Pressure, measuring Blood Sugar and recording ECGs. That doesn’t mean that the bubbles didn’t form. I did a couple of very successful LPs. I put tubes up (dead) people’s throat. Gave a couple of CPRs.

On the down side, I must have completed atleast 500+ patient files. Filled out thousands of forms. Made innumerable entries on the computer. Filled in the discharge papers. But all this isn’t all that bad. I mean it was no fun, but not that bad either.

Over all, I would give it a thumbs up!