Taming the Tiger!!

I have a PC at home. And I have Windows XP installed on it. I have been using XP for over 5 years now. Why did I not change? For the simple reason, Vista sucks!

About an year ago, I had this urge to install Mac OS X in my PC. Now this is not an easy task as Mac OS is not meant to work on a PC. But I didn’t realise that. I downloaded a pirated DVD image of the Mac and tried to fiddle with a few files, trying to figure out how to get this to run. And after a few tries gave it up for a later time. But the next time my PC was restarted, it crashed!! The GRUB loader used to install the OS had corrupted my hard disk. All my files, photos, movies, softwares… gone!!

But yesterday that urge came back. I went online and did some more research. And even before I was prepared, the Mac OS DVD image was done downloading. But this time I was safe. I was doing all this on a virtual computer. This would let me install Mac OS without any risks to my PC. If anything goes wrong, all that I have to do is delete a file!!

The DVD that I got is not the latest Mac OS version, but that shouldn’t matter much. I am still figuring out how to use this piece of beauty. Lets see if it lives upto its name!!

Update: Guess what? Its just OK!! Its a much simpler OS compared to the Windows. Its cleaner, but its too… small! This was the Tiger, I am now downloading Leopard. Lets see if thats better.

32 Days…

Ever played a computer game? You have to get through a set of obstacles. Miss one step and you fall into the deep valley and die. Then you start again, until you have got it right. Then you move on to the next level. Its fun. Right?

I feel just like that. Minus the fun part. After tackling the pre university exams, and before I could even stand up straight, the next level is ahead of me. The University. Its the hardest of the levels.
No cheats, no god mode and the scaryest of the monsters who are most difficult to tackle. Let the games begin.

42 days on the board..

And on the positive side, 100 days to freedom. 15 Jan 09, I will be a free man. No more study or you will fail. No more stop wasting your time on the computer. No more you sleep too much. I get to do what ever I want, when I want and for as long as I want. My exams get over on that day. But as I said, thats like a light year away.

Back to reality, today was my pre-university medicine practical. And i was the extreme opposite of wonderful. I had a CNS case (my bad luck starts). I had taken hemiplagia on a few other occasions. No big deal. I was confident.
After about about 1 hr, very satisfied with what I had done with history and examination, the examiner came. I started presenting. And then i saw my beautiful poetic creation being riped to shreds. Words after words were thrown back at me. The brain never seemed so unfamiliar to me. About 1 hr had passed. From chief complaints to management, every single line had been scrutinised. I was numb. A lightening had struck me.
Then he left. Just like that. I was assaulted. My confidence shattered. Everything seemed dull.
But this is just the beginning. There is surgery tomorrow.
Update: Surgery wasn’t that bad. In fact it was good. Obgyn and Pediatrics left (fingers crossed).