The Final Frontier

I have a blackboard in my hostel room. Many would think that I use it for noting down important stuff or practicing diagrams or teach someone (why would you ever think that? Honostly). But thats not it. It shows in huge letters the no 50. Thats the no of days left for 18 nov!

Now whats so great abt that date? Lets start with, its a tuesday, just another working day for most of you. The new NFS game gets released on that day. Yeah, thats exciting but not enough to get me to countdown to it (I didnt countdown to the iPhone release and i was superexcited abt that). Then what is it? Well, thats the day the biggest exams of my life starts. I am going to sit for the final year MBBS exams.
Once its over (and if i pass), i am going to be a doctor… Yeah! But that seems like a lightyear away.