I’ve got fish!!

This birthday, guess what I got? Even I hadnt thought of this… It was a fish bowl, and if that wasnt enough, there were fishes in it!! Live ones!! Not one, TWO!! So I get a bowl, some sand and two fishes (live and not to be cooked). And it was … Woooow. Its just great to see then go around. Making circles around the fake plant that I just put in. I just love them.

Now that hard part. I have to feed them two times a day. So now I have to be there every day. I have to refill the water everyday or once in two days. i have to change the water every 15 days, and clean everything. But thats all worth it!!


Thats right… I am 21. This birthday, I have to say, has been the best!! This day, I truely grew! I saw what was in store for me. I know how sweet things are about to become. I dont know how to put it… but this day has bought a huge smile on my face.

Not all days are so perfect. And no other day couldnt possibly be any better…