Pulse 05

A few months ago, a few friends and I went to an annual medico meet. This is organised every year by the students union of AIIMS, Delhi. Medical undergraduates from all over the country come to attend this mega event.

About 15 of us were allowed to go from my college. It was a 7 day fun ride. To start with, we were greeted with rain, and that was a day down. We also had a lot of basic stuff to do, like getting a place to stay, arranging for other stuff that we might need. But after that, it was a frenzy!

There were many events, competitions, performances. But the best must definitely be the pop night. Euphoria simply rocked the AIIMS campus. Two hours straight! It was simply amazing. This being my first time in a live concert made it even more special. Seeing a celebrity a few meters away from you and doing what he does the best singing! It was mind blowing!!!

We also had late night dance. They call it MRC (Music Request Counter). It would start at around 11 in the night and would only end in the morning. Every night we would dance to exhaustion. It was freakin’ fun.

Besides, there would be regular airing of movies in one of the lecture theatres, academic competitions, quizzes and a whole lot of fun. We also went around the city. Hiking around, from one place to other. We saw the lotus temple, went to the Palika Bazaar, Nehru Place.

The train journey to and from Delhi along with friends was also great. We got to know each other better. New friends were made. Old friendships grew stronger. Over all, we took time out of our monotonous lives and had the fun we may never have in Sevagram.