The II Year

A few months ago, a few friends and I had gone to a medico get-together at AIIMS, Delhi. This was supposed to be the most happening function we have. But most of us had their hearts stuck on their throats. Reason? Quite simple… Results. We had our I Year results dew in a few days. Some of us worried about their marks and rank. The rest about passing. One fine day, the results were out… and all of us passed. We were now in the next level… The II Year.

The classes started soon, and we were to go back to the monotonous schedule of lectures. But there was one change, Clinics. We in second year have 2 hours of Clinics, thats our first experience with live, real, diseased people. It is not much that we do here, but there is a lot to see and learn.

My batch was posted in Gynae Dept last. It was quite an experience. We got to see normal deliveries (You dont want to see one of those). We saw a few operations. Learnt to take history (History is an account of the patient, related to his/her illness under various heads). We saw how the OPDs were run. It was some fun.

By now these things have become a part of my routine. From morning 8 to evening 5, we are quite busy with the classes. But then the time seems to stop. We have very little stuff to do. The place we live in is a small town with almost no recreation, no good places and no good food joints. So we pass time by chatting, playing, chatting, sleeping, chatting…and yes, sometimes.. studying. We have a lot of free time in the II year than in Ist. It is a lot less stressful and much more fun!

The Accident

Nasty day yesterday. I was on my way to the hostel to get my stuff. I was getting a little late for college. A tractor poped up in front of me. I breaked, and skidded. I had one bad fall. Head down I skidded on the rough road. My left hand was wrecked. And I mustnt talk about my bike. The headlight broke, gears broke, leg guard bent, mud guard wrecked and scratches everywhere. My friends were on there way to the college and were there to help me. I was taken to the emergancy and had my dressing done and X-ray taken. I was lucky not to have had any bony injury.

I seem to be healing well today, allthough the TT injection still hurts. The worst part was every single person I see asks me, ‘What happend?’. And all I can say is, I fell. Then there are more questions that I hate to answer. How did it happen?, Where did you fall?, Is there a fracture? and then they would end up making fun of me.

Over all, it was quite an experience. Not a happy one, but something to remember.