Hi, I am Ashwini Kalantri. I stay in a small town of Sevagram. I am currently attending a Medical School. I am in my second year. I have lived almost my entire life here in Sevagram. I was born here. Went to the school here. College here. And now I have joined my graduation here. I have already lived for about 20 years here and will have to stay for atleast another few years.

I love my computer. I really spend all my free time here. Its simply wonderful how a small device can open a whole new world for you. I dont enjoy reading much, but I adore the Harry Potter books. Great story, great plot and it has kept me waiting for the next book. Apart from that I live listening to music. Usually good lyrics turn me on. Movies, I am a huge fan. I simply love movies… all of them.

My father is a doctor at the same institute I study. My mother in a database administrator. My sister is studing in class 11.